what are the best experimental software for art,games,music.?

I want to use my creativity to make something, to experiment in many ways.

please help! ive tried chiptune and other programs, but they are too hard

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  • 4 weeks ago

       Hi. There are MANY available, especially if You're willing to test out some linux distros

    from either live CDs or virtual machines.

       Check this link & feel free to modify the searchterms I used to for each part of Your question - music, art, etc..


       And as far as the linux distros go to www.distrowatch.com & use their search page to look up "multimedia" distros.


    • soniiiety3 weeks agoReport

      ive tried templeOS but can't seem to run it, distros are just OPERATING systems arent they?

      I don't reallly wanna do that since its prob too compilcated or hard to understand

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