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Can I put two heaters into a betta tank?

I recently got a new betta fish. I have one heater in the tank but the temperature continues to hover around 74°f which is under the recommended temperature. Can I add another heater, would that even help? I am also unable to make the temperature in my room any warmer (it’s typically around 65-70°). 

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Yes you can but You should have a reliable filter that does the job you paid it to do.

    what kind of filter do you have and wat size tank?

    you need a heater that has at least 5 watts of power per gallon of tank water. it should be adjustable, and your tank should be no less then 5 gallons.

    I recomend Jager heaters and marinland filters, mareinland has a life long warranty on there heaters, and helpful customer servive.

    Once you get the nes filter, take the other one out.

    • Anaya3 weeks agoReport

      Unfortunately I have a 3.5 gallon tank and what I believe is a 20 watts heater, but the packaging doesn't say. Only indicates that it's for tanks up to 5 gallons. 
      My betta favors the side with the heater. Should I add another to the other side? 

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