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Where is the cheapest place an American can retire abroad? Have to live on a fixed income Anywhere?

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    Ecuador has a retiree visa program which is well regarded. You are required to prove you have a reliable pension (e.g. Social Security, major corporation's pension plan) in a minimum monthly amount, clean police record, etc. Last I checked, monthly income required was USD 800/month.

    This is the cheapest retiree visa anywhere in the world. It would be advisable to sell your home & everything in US so that you can purchase a home or apartment, and then that $800 or more per month would be enough to live on modestly, but with all the essentials. There are several areas in Ecuador which are popular with expats, such as Cuenca.

    One source of info on expats living abroad, especially retirees, is They have a free daily email, which includes brief articles from retirees living abroad in various countries. (They tend to focus on one country at a time, e.g. this week might have several emails on those living in Italy, and next week Thailand, etc.) They also have publications for sale with detailed guides on various countries - watch for sales, special offers, country-by-country.

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    Where ever you can get a visa to live abroad, however most countries require substainial income to get a 'retirement visa' otherwise that country is at risk of having to financially/medically support you

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