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Does your dog do this?

I always lay on the ground since my dog likes to lay against me whenever she can. Whenever someone rings the doorbell, knocks on the door or if she hears someone she’ll jump up and stand over me(if I’m laying down) she’s not a small dog but she’s not doberman sized either so it’s kinda hard to scoot out from under her belly. Picture a fluffy white wolf in one of their “defensive stances”(like the wolf photo but slightly bared fangs and looks like how i described her)with a kid smooshed against the ground but the wolf has a brown speckled ear, a dark brown ear and a dark brown spot on the base of the tail. She does this until she thinks she doesn’t have to so it only last no longer than 30seconds and I’m usually sitting behind by this time. I don’t mind that she does this but I’m curious, does your dog do this too? 

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    Yeah, I have had a few that were very protective of me. Some more so than others. & some not at all. It is an individual dog thing. They all have different temperaments.

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    My dog will run to me and sit in front of me.

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