What Native American Tribe(s) may be allergic to steroids?

When I was a kid my father went into surgery to remove a tumor from his brain but had a reaction to the steroids that they used initially in surgery. He passed so I can't ask him, but I do remember the doctor telling my mother that the steroid they sued affects rare blood types and those of a certain Native American tribe, and the chances my father had blood from that tribe were low so that's why they gave him the medicine (we're predominately Black and have never claimed anything else even though we know we're a little mixed here and there.) My father's side of the family doesn't like discussing the Native American parts though, and while I hope to do one of those ancestry tests in the future I was wondering if there were a list of tribes or if there is one particular Native American group that is known to have allergens to Western medicine. Even just knowing a wide range of groups would be interesting to me to know a bit more about my background, though I'm not sure how to even begin researching for that type of thing. (If this helps at all most of my family, going back to slave times never left their original areas and my fathers side is from SC.)

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