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My goldfish is looking weird?

I just noticed my goldfish has a white dot on its forehead, it's not a bump, just a white dot about the size of one of its scales. He also is missing a few scales on either side of his body. He lives in a 20 gallon with other fish. There's two African dwarf frogs, a sucker fish (not sure on exact name), tiny freshwater shrimps, a Betta fish, a mollies and a few others. He recently ate a fish about his size which we we're given from a science teacher (we think it was a small minnow) and our goldfish was also given from the same science teacher. I really DO NOT want this fish to die. Any suggestions? 

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    The goldfish should not be in the tank with any of the other fish you listed.

    Goldfish are social fish that should be in a cool water tank with other of their own species.

    The other fish need a heated tropical environment.

    Sucker fish of varios types will suck on the sides of fish such as goldfish.

    I would get him out of there ASAP!, even a large bin yould be a better home, as long as you provide a filter, and borror some of the filter media from the other tank to add to the new filter.

    I suggest you watch for more sympoms, and take a picture to monitor his progress. An epson salt bath might be a good idea.

  • Bill
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    3 weeks ago

    indicates a fungus eating the scales

    get a vet to look at him

    check the ph level of the water , the phosphate , ammonia, nitrate , levels as well

    get on top of it quickly or it will infect the lot of the fish

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