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My Hemoglobin A1C is 15. How can I bring it down?

I went to the doctor today and was given a urine test. My Hemoglobin A1C turned out to be 15. The doctor said he was surprised I didn't have any symptoms or pain(s).

I'm barely 21 and I'm trying to join the military. I want to lower my HA1C and reverse my diabetes.

Does anyone have any tips on what diet to take?

What to not eat/drink?

Thank you all.

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  • Shay
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    4 weeks ago

    The A1C is a blood test.  The number can't be determined by a urine test.  If you did not have blood drawn, then you have misunderstood the test or you seriously need to find a better doctor.

    If your actual A1C had been 15, then the doctor would have started you on medication IMMEDIATELY.  An A1C of 15 means that your AVERAGE glucose level for the last three months would be about 270.  NORMAL range is 80 to 120.  You can't fix that with just diet changes.  Medication will be required if you have an actual A1C of 15.  A doctor MIGHT try pills and diet change before insulin if further testing determines that it is type 2 and not type 1.  That reading alone does not determine type 1 vs type 2.

    As for what to eat to reduce glucose levels - lower your carbohydrates.  ALL carbohydrates become sugar in the blood, so eating the right amount of the right carbohydrates is the best way to lower sugar levels.  Avoid all sugary drinks.  You shouldn't be drinking your calories.  Eat whole grains instead of white grains.  Meat that has not been processed, breaded, or coated in sauces has no carbohydrates, so meat does not raise blood sugar.  Vegetables can be a little tricky.  Most vegetables are good, but a few will cause a higher spike than others.  Vegetables that are also high in starch, like potatoes and corn, will cause sudden spikes in sugar levels.  Even dairy has carbohydrates, so be aware of how much you eat.

    You should talk to a dietitian about the right balance of carbohydrates per meal and total carbohydrates per day.

    But first - you need to make sure you understand what test was done and what that reading means because you CAN NOT get an A1C reading from urine.  

  • Byrd
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    4 weeks ago

    An A1C of 15 needs insulin and an A1C isn't a urine test.

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