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it has to be the dvd players that i am watching them on correct and not the dvds themselves?

when i watch movies or tv shows on dvd they seem to freeze or the screen goes blank for a couple minutes and then the screen comes back on and the movie was still playing while it did that. Almost all of the dvds it happened to i have watched for the first time and are new and not used so i know it cant be the dvds and it has happened on every single thing i have played it on my portable dvd player for my macbook if i tried to rewind or fast forward the screen would freeze and my portable dvd player regular one not for my macbook froze in the middle of a movie i was watching on it


then on my xbox the screen went black and the movie would still be playing while the screen was black and then it came back on and then the same thing when i watched jurassic world. I am not really sure if its the dvds or the players themselves

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  • Yeah same thing happens to me, even when the disk is in perfect condition. I think it's either cheap/ outdated  DVD players or the type of disk it's been printed on.

    Most will work properly but I have bought multiple copies of certain dvds and they all seem to have the same problem.

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    Your logic is correct.  If it happens with one DVD, it's the DVD.  If it happens with EVERY DVD, it's the player.

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