Salary of MBA/MSHA graduate?

Hi All,

I will be concluding my MBA this semester and have decided I want to pursue an additional masters of science in healthcare administration.  I’ve applied to a top 3 program and the process has gone really well. I think my odds of getting in are high.  I am having trouble finding out what salary outlooks are for someone with my credentials and was wondering if anyone could provide any insight or resources to help me get a ballpark on what I’d be looking at with compensation. 

Credentials would be as follows:

I have a year and a half of prior work experience as a financial analyst 

Bachelors of science in business admin- Finance



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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    It varies ....

    A job in Alabama vs NYC .


    • BBall Man1 month agoReport

      I understand what you mean. I’m in the Southeast currently. Part of the problem I’ve run into in my research is there is so little info available on the relationship between location and compensation.

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