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My friends dad calls him by “sweetie’’ is it normal?

My friend is a 21 years old guy and his dad is 48. Yesterday I was at his house when his dad called to him he was in the bathroom so he ask me to answer for him. It was his dad who answers it saying “ hi sweetie, are mom at home?’’ I thouth its very much weird!!

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    Yeah, it's probably something he's called him for a long time. Ronald Reagan used to call his wife "mommy." Each family has its own little quirks.

  • 2 months ago

    You may be worrying too much.

  • Linda
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    2 months ago

    Yes it's weird. If he was a girl it'd be different entirely. I guess every family is different.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    No idea I mean I don’t know them

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  • 2 months ago

    What does it matter whether it is "normal"? It's nobody else's business.

  • y
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    2 months ago

    Names of endearment in families can be all over the place, to not understand this. Is the weird thing. To not have to in ones home, is a sad thing.

  • 2 months ago

    uh no. thats a deffinate red flag

  • Pearl
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    2 months ago

    it does sound weird

  • 2 months ago

    Some families are just more affectionate than others, if this type of thing is the only “strange” thing you’ve seen I doubt there’s anything suspicious going on

  • Mandy
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    2 months ago

    Personally, I am stuck on him asking “are mom at home”? He actually said “are”?

    • Leslie2 months agoReport

      It could just be a typo, or maybe either the question asker or father isn’t a native English speaker. Maybe they just threw it in there for laughs. Language is a social construct anyway. It’s not a big deal, my friend. 😉

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