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Will he come back to me? ?

We used to date for 3 months knew each for 5 months. Things ended and he dated this other girl for 6 months. During that time he came back to me twice (we got physical but no sex). I didn’t know he was dating someone else. He told me he wanted to be casual I never really agreed to that but I can now see why he asked to me casual. 

Now he has apparently broken up with that girl and he told me he is single. Thing is I’m

A bit pissed off because I didn’t know there was someone else I always thought he was lieing just to get me jealous. 

Anyways I really like this guy. Do I have a chance with him. I asked him to confirm if he actually is single. And this was 2 days ago. But I’m getting really paranoid. He has not made any efforts to reach out to me or see me. 

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    He is actually a waste of time and he doesn't respect you at all, so why hold out hope that he'll come back? He has been using you, while he sees other women. You need to move on from hoping he'll return. Find someone who actually likes you so much he wants to be with you in the long term.

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    Move on he isn't worth it

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