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How do you find the OTG compatibility.for an Iphone to know if a dual USB Flash Drive will work?

I plan on saving pictures from my Iphone AND my laptop to a flash drive. Seems must of these dual flash drives state they work with Android (ones that say smartphones, when you look at the actual compatibility list it does not have Apple as one of the brands). I found a dual flash drive by SanDisk but they have a blurb on their compatibility if your brand is not listed to check your brand's OTG compatibility. I just want an inexpensive one of these dual flash drives (64gb or more). Didn't realize it's such a hassle to search since I can't find any site that can narrow the search to ones that you can use with Iphones.

1 Answer

  • 4 weeks ago

    IPhone does not support USB OTG.

    You must get a flash drive specifically for Apple devices. You can only transfer photos.

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