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What would be different in Ireland & UK had King James II won the Battle of the Boyne on 12th July 1690 against King William of Orange?


Would Roman Catholicism replace Protestantism permanently in Britain and absolute monarchy continue and penal laws against all Protestants

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    Absolute monarchy laid its head on the chopping block with Charles I. Charles II was restored to the Throne by Parliament, with conditions. James II succeeded him because he was next in the Stuart succession and because he promised Parliament to keep his Catholicism within the Palace. After all, he had been loyal when he was Duke of York. But things were edgy between King and Parliament. James's heir was his daughter Mary (William of Orange's wife). She and her sister Anne were Protestants, so Parliament could wait until James died. Then James's second (Catholic) wife gave birth to a son. Parliament did not want their next king to continue a Catholic line and push for bringing back the Pope as Head of the Church, so ... the Glorious Revolution and William and Mary took the Throne, under conditions set by Parliament.

    If James had held his own at that time, there would have been battles in England, not Ireland. By the time of the Boyne, William had firm control of British forces and James was not a good commander on land. The Irish would not have won. If they had won, King James would have become King of Ireland, but not of England.

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    The main difference is that you'd get questions like "What would be different in Ireland & UK had King William of Orange won the Battle of the Boyne on 12th July 1690 against King James II?".

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