2013 Ford Fusion SE. Bad FCIM module?

So, I own a 2013 Fusion, it started by showing a message on the screen that said. "system off to save battery" I checked the battery and the battery tested good and I even tried a newer battery but nothing changed, things went from bad to worse because the radio now doesn't even come on! I took it to the Ford dealership to get it diagnosed and they told me I have a bad FCIM and that needs to be replaced and reprogramed and it would cost me over a $1000!!! That really sucks!  

so, here are my questions;

Could I use a used one from like used auto parts, but if it needs to reprogram how do I do that?

Where is it located and what does it look like?

Any information will be very appreciated. 

1 Answer

  • $1000?

    That's how much I paid for littering last week. I got pulled over, the officer wrote me up, and I went downtown to make the payment.

    Replace the head unit, replace the battery, and get your alternator checked.

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