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As many as a million people died in the U.S. Civil War. Now with advanced weapons and a 10x larger population, how many would die today?

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    Let's never consider that theory.  Fix things, don't imagine to destroy them.

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    Proportionately more people would not die because war is simply convincing the other side to see your way and eventually they do. Also you may not know how battles were fought then. You know those single fire muskets? Well the opposing lines stood in formation about fifty feet apart and each time a volley was fired, the lines moved two steps closer to each other. Sooner or later, the remainder of one line ran and was shot in the back.

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    ten million .

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    A Civil War is impossible. A nation with a centralized government that controls a military as powerful as America's means that any efforts to start an armed uprising will be quickly annihilated.

    The only way that America can split is if the white trash red states vote for independence like they are doing in Scotland and Catalan. But since those states are worthless by GDP value, good riddance.

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    i was about to leak the usa's nuclear war map plan when i got a weird desktop message

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    Wars should be fought with robots today. We all think of wars with humans, so we put money into vests and night vision goggles rather than robots. We are also used to fighting unarmed enemies (terrorists, rather than nations), so we don't fight all-out nuclear wars. WWIII will be about 15 minutes long, and all life on the planet will be gone (except for some rich and powerful people in nuclear/bio proof bunkers. Remember W. Bush was in an underground bunker calling the terrorists, who lost their lives, cowards. In case of a bio-attack, W. Bush recommended saran wrap and duct tape (at our expense).

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