My child is ignoring the urge to urinate?

He's 8. I've had him to a urologist who took x-rays and other tests and determined nothing physically wrong with him. He has no issues with his bowels, only bed wetting. It seems he will wait until last minute as I frequently hear him run to the bathroom or say "I have to go pee" as he rushes off. Or he will dance around or wiggle his legs if he's sitting down, rather then acknowledge he needs to go. If we are out it is on us to notice signs he has to go because he won't say anything at all. He is an otherwise healthy child with no diagnosis of autism or anything like that, just anxiety. I would like to add that he is seeing a counselor but we added a psychologist because the last 2 weeks he's been wetting his pants everyday at school, sometimes twice. I'm at a loss for what to do for him because I've got 2 weeks yet until the psychologist. And even the motivation to get his stuff back like tablet, toys, and tv isn't doing anything. And I'm gonna have to start sending him to school in pull-ups. Any input will be appreciated, thank you!

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  • 3 weeks ago
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    This is 100% a pyschological issue, I'll narrow it right down and say its a control issue! He is feeling powerless in a big aspect of his life, and he feels that if he can control his need to use the bathroom, it gives him back power and a sense of stability.

    It could be that he was sexually abused (this trait is actually common), he could be getting bullied at school, it could be his parents are going through a nasty divorce etc. Punishing him won't work, you need to sit his *** down and have a discussion with him one-on-one, and get to the bottom of what is eating at him, it needs to come out and be addressed.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Some wait, but when they do, ur in luck.

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