Can you help me with English please?

I remember going to the instructor after class, asking about his comment as well as the word Log that he had added in the margin at various spots. “What are all these logs you put in my paper?” I asked, trying to make a joke of it. He looked at me a little wonderingly. “Logic, Mr. Langan,” he answered, “logic.”

Who laughed at the word "logs"? Who is trying to make a joke of the word "logs"?

Thank you!

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  • 1 month ago
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    It is just an abbreviation for the the word "logic". Sometimes I use a short cut for the word behavior "beh". Anyway, I don't think there is any joke here.

  • John P
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    1 month ago

    In my young day, a "log" was a short piece of wood which you could burn on the fire for household heating, or a sailor's record of daily incidents on a voyage. I assume that the use of "log" in the IT environment comes from that sailor's use.

    The joke is the fact that the word "logic" contains the letters of the word "log". A very neat joke, in my opinion.

  • 1 month ago

    Yes, so whats the issue?

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