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Is there any rights for being misled by a company (online)?

Hi, let me put you guys in the situation I sent an e-mail to Epic Games asking if I could complete my skin variant during the next season (if the answer would've been no, I would've played more, like everyone that wants the variant). The agent told me yes I will be able to, now it's the next season and I am unable to get that variant... I contacted Epic Games and they also told me that they are sorry and that they understand that i've not completed my level 65 before but there is nothing that they can do. I personally only play if there is good skins since the game now is not fun. There is really nothing that they can do if they misled a player and led them to a lost? I bought the battle pass + 25 tiers around 30$ + some other tiers to be able to get that skin. 

Thanks !

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