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Ben asked in TravelUnited StatesNew York City · 10 months ago

Between the two, is it only city buses or is it also public transportation subway cars that have model years?

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  • Joseph
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    10 months ago

    Only the buses. The bus manufacturers sell their buses to different transit systems, so you can see (mostly) identical buses operating in different cities. Since the transit bus production runs can last over a decade, the manufacturers introduce updates to their buses, the model bus' model year becomes relevant.

    The subway cars are custom designed and built for the NYC subway and no other subway system uses them. MTA buys subway cars in batches of several hundred at the time which take several years to deliver. The cars are designated by the contract numbers that they were ordered under, starting with the letter R, e.g. R-9, R-38, R-46, R-211. Because nobody else uses these cars, the R number becomes more important than the year the car was built.

  • Sharon
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    10 months ago

    model numbers (or code) and model years for buses and subways both

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