For 3 decades we were made to eat humble pie as Man United kept winning the league, it appears the fortunes have reversed ?

for the longest time running we bore the brunt of some of their most stinging comments, slurs, put downs and watched them win everything at the expense of being a mere observer on most occasions.

Now the tables have turned and the two clubs futures are going in complete opposite directions.

Man United fans are experiencing exactly what we experienced after 91 onward, when we became mere spectators to teams winning the title, and perhaps felt the agony more than others observing our biggest rivals claim the grandest of prizes, the league title. 13 in fact, and all in the Premier League era, an era in which saw Liverpool never win it but every once in a while have a 'good go' at trying to win it.

It appears United don t even look like they have a team who could even 'have a go' at top 6 never mind a go at trying to win it.

There are no signs of Liverpool slowing down or stagnating nor is there any reason to believe or think they won't get even better than they currently are.

Klopp intends to further strengthen what is the best team in Europe at present. More importantly, he aims to lift this 30 year title albatross off our necks.

Once this ghost is laid to rest, I suspect Liverpool will have stamped down their authority as #1 title contenders for the subsequent seasons that will follow, opening a new chapter in English football premier league and allowing LFC, a club built on title success in the past to reclaim its long lost glory.

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  • August
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    4 weeks ago

    I know about that pie and i don't like the taste of it. Leeds fans have eaten 'Humble' for too long. The ingredients are the same and it gives you that sickly feeling all the time. It was great for Leeds in the '90's to Live the Dream when we nearly won the European Cup and nearly became bankrupt. So much for O'Leary's b/s-he's eaten plenty since he got sacked. May the best team on the day win.

    Source(s): Man U v Liverpool
  • 4 weeks ago

    oh have you won your premier league already ?

    congratulations on winning the premier league on Football Manager.

    20 TIMES.

    • class game that, but the half of that original partnership, "Championship Manager" original name of this game btw, are now virtually bankrupt...but it was obvious from as soon as the two split

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