SCUBA to make this happen?

So I've already done the Mile High Club with my girl, so the next logical step of course in the the same thing, but this time, while SCUBA diving.......

Is this realistic?

Im an AOW/Nitrox diver with about 150 dives logged, with about 40 of those below 100 fsw.

I want to make sure the act takes place 1) at a depth of least 100 fsw (I could use EAN32 mix to lengthen bottom time) and 2) with a H2O temp in low-mid 80's or better for obvious reasons related to "performance".

What about weight?

I'm tempted to add an extra 10 lbs to my BCD just to make absolutely sure we don't balloon to the surface which could be very unsafe from 100 ft.

Any other suggestions about how to minimize risk with this? Please don't lecture me on how this might be unsafe. We are consenting adults and know there is inherent risk to any activity.

Instead I'm looking for helpful tips in ways to minimize risk, not eliminate it.


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