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Can the tune/melody of a song be copyrighted?

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    You don't copyrighted a song. Whenever you write a song you apply for a copyright to protect it from being stolen from you. It 's yours whether you have the copyright or not.

  • Tony B
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    I really would like to ask, “What do you mean by copyrighted?” But when I do people never answer.

    Really, nothing can be “copyrighted”. “Copyright” is a noun - the right to make (and distribute) copies. It's not a verb - not something that can be done. You can't write a tune (or a poem or book) and go and “copyright” it.

    When a person creates something (a piece of music, a set of lyrics, a play, a poem, a book etc.) they automatically own the copyright on it. They don't need to “do” anything. There is nothing they can “do” that gives them any extra rights or power over what they created.

    I believe that it's possible, especially in the USA, to “register” the copyright on a piece of music: basically, people will charge you to register something that you already own the copyright to (or at least you claim that you do). I really can't see the point in that. That's NOT “copyrighting” anything though.

    When you create a piece of music you automatically own the copyright on it, including the melody on its own.

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    It is PewDiePie

  • 4 weeks ago

    yes. the copyright system is so broken that even mumbling the song can get copyright claimed

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Yes. It can, and it always is. The tune/melody ALWAYS come under copyright too.

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