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Why does everybody associate suicide with mental illness?

I sometimes think about committing suicide simply because I hate life. Nothing to do with mental illness. Some people just hate life, has anyone ever thought of that?

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  • you know suicide isnt just something people do for depression, theres copycat suicides too. like when i was younger i was gonna do it for fun since my favourite singer at the time Hideto Matsumoto killed himself with a towel he tied around his neck and to a doorknob, i was gonna try to do a copycat suicide of that since i was really obsessed with him and i thought he was really cool, i still am obsessed but id never do that today

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    Because if you get to the stage where you want to end your life then you are clearly suffering from some form of mental illness.

    You might think you are not but it is not normal for anyone to harm or kill themselves.

    If you feel this way you need to urgently see a doctor. They can help. And will tell you whether what you are feeling is normal behaviour or whether you have an underlying disorder that is making you feel the way you do.

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    Some would say that hating life and wanting to kill yourself is a symptom of “mental illness”. Some might not. I’m not sure it really matters because “mental illness” is just a label and labels are not more important than the psychological or emotional states they characterize. If you hate life and feel like killing yourself, that’s significant and valid whether somebody else calls it “mental illness” or anything else. If you find the label “mental illness” insulting, I don’t blame you, either. Labels can be dehumanizing and belittling. As a philosopher once said, (might have been Soren Kierkegaard), “When you label me, you negate me.” I hope you may still find some meaning in this life, something to stay alive for. The two go together I think. Find your own personal reason to live. I think we’re all doing that. That’s what differentiates us from other life forms as humans. This very ability to question why we are here. It’s at once a gift and a curse, I suppose.

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    People associate it because more than half of people who commit or contemplate suicide have or had a mental illness.

    Source(s): a suicidal teen fling
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    Many perhaps most people who hate their lives strive to change things so they'll be happier. Not always possible of course but considering there are many options re careers, schools, etc, it's a lot less drastic than suicide, which is permanent.

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    Please get therapy. Please buy good books for helping suicidal people off of Amazon Smile (supporting a good, ethical and animal-friendly cause, perhaps one for helping those who are suicidal and/or have mental health problems), please read and follow their advice. The world may be in a terrible situation with all its problems but, if you act as an extremely kind-hearted, compassionate, ethical and loving 🥰 person, doing loads of good for other sentient beings, you can make the world a better place, the world’s state would be far better off with you in the world than without you. Please think of how much other beings would suffer from your loss.

    Mr Rogers was a great man. You could watch some episodes, watch “Won’t You Be My Neighbour?” and read some of his books (again, buy them off of Amazon Smile supporting good, ethical and animal-friendly causes, maybe those helping those who are suicidal and/or have mental health issues).

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    Once a person has committed suicide, it won't matter to them whether people think they were mentally ill, will it?

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    because depression is a highly used reason when people commit car into tree at 60mph

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    In most cases, suicide is associated with depression or another mental problem. People who’re having fun usually don’t commit suicide, but there are all kinds of people in life.

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