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An animal's reaction if attacked and wrapped by a boa constrictor?

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    I'd like to think it goes something like, "ooh, I always thought snakes were slimey, but actually they just feel a bit like leather. I can't wait to tell my friends"

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    2 weeks ago

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    3 weeks ago

    I have seen a kingsnake I found in the wild with healed wound on the body that was made by a rodent (two closely spaced dents on the snake's body). Therefore some animals that have been constricted by a snake may try to fight back by biting or struggling to get free. Constrictors are not always successful when they hunt. Sometimes the prey escapes and sometimes the prey can do damage to the snake's body. Lizards also bite the body of a snake in self defense. If the bite is strong enough, it prevents the snake from constricting the lizard and the snake will give up and allow the lizard to escape.

    So when people feed a live rat or mouse to a pet snake, they usually hold the mouse or rat by the tail and let the snake strike the head end of the mouse or rat to prevent damage to the body of their pet. If the mouse or rat is released into the cage with the snake, then the snake usually try to strike the rat or mouse at the front end before wrapping the body around the prey.

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    3 weeks ago

    They have no reaction,, they're squeezed to death and consumed.

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