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Is it true that $3000 a month considered so much in Russia ?

My friend told me that making $3000 a month in Russia is equal to making $15,000 a month in USA since it's cheap. Is that true?

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  • Marc
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    Monthly: Internet $5-6, unlimited with 200 channels on TV. Electricity $6-8. Grapes in WINTER, (Chilean) $1.50 a pound, bread 25c to 75c a loaf. Common bread 34c. Macaroni (pasta 10-15 varieties, elbow, letters, spirals, etc) 18c a pound.No one pays mortgages (usually) or rent. Heat is $20 a month, year round charged monthly to make it easier to pay. We bought a Nissan NEW in 2015, Almera, with automatic and air condition $9200. New. Russian cars, manual and no air about $5800 and up.Nissan no air and manual $6800...

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    Russia is a rather poor country. It's complete economy is about the size of New York State's, which is rather pathetic.

    • Marc
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      hardly poor... don't be illiterate

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