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What is your opinion on these past wrestlers that aren't talked that much now?


Kaz Hayushi

Mr. Aguila/Essa Rios

Luna Vachon

Alex Wright

Perry Saturn


Stevie Richards

Danny Doring

Spike Dudley


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    Blitzkrieg(WCW) :Ahead of his time and probably influenced more wrestlers than you'd think. Jack Evans started his career under a Blitzkrieg mask and patterned his entire style around him. I've heard wrestlers like Ricochet, PAC, and Teddy Hart mention the Blitzkrieg influence in their style as well. He was a pioneer that's overlooked, perhaps because he's a pioneer for all the wrong reasons in some people's minds.

    Kaz Hayashi: I don't know anything about Kaz Hayashi, but it was a name that came up quite a bit in the 2000's message boards.

    Mr. Aguila/Essa Rios: Nobody really talked about Essa Rios when Essa Rios was a thing. Mr. Aguila's still a big deal in Mexico as far as I can gather. I don't know if he brought anything new to the table in the U.S., other than, perhaps, Lita.

    Luna Vachon: I think Luna suffers from being ahead of her time in some respects. Nobody talks about her as an in-ring wrestler because there weren't many memorable Luna matches, or at least not memorable for good reasons. As a manager she served as a great ringside enforcer, but I think she's overshadowed by Sherri Martel on the microphone, in the ring, and in the looks department. She never got a serious run anywhere that it mattered in any of her roles, but people still do look back on her fondly in some regards.

    Alex Wright: I liked Alex Wright, but he had a lot of stumbling blocks in his career. He was a good wrestler with great potential who'd probably do better for himself in this era of wrestling than in the 90's where bodies and charisma were everything.

    Perry Saturn: I like Saturn. Always have. Never understood why he didn't get a big push anywhere. His life outside of the ring has become more mythical than his in-ring career though.

    Nunzio: Nunzio was good, but like Alex Wright, I think he was born too early.

    Stevie Richards: Stevie suffered so many setbacks in his career medically. I really believe he could've been something.

    Danny Doring: Again, throw Danny Doring in the 2000's or 2010's in his prime and he would've had a good indie career. Doring and Roadkill are an underrated tandem. They kind of suffered from being in an era of ECW where there weren't many great tandems they could get shine off of though.

    Spike Dudley: I liked Spike. He was a great underdog talent and one of the three Dudleys that were worth anything.

    Hayabusa: I was never a Hayabusa fan.

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      Blitzkrieg was ahead of his time. His aerial moves were sick. I feel Mr. Aguila was a great highflyer, but he probably isn't nearly as timeless as the cruiserweights in WCW. Yeah, Alex Wright was a good talent, and so was Nunzio. Idk anything about the others, but you explained it well enough.

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