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Should I stop doing sex with my ex husband?

We are apart 2 years now but living in the same house ,we will get divorce any time soon...we have a 3 year old daughter....and we were together from 2005.I asked him to be apart for many reasons,fighting all the time , working all the time,not doing stuff together  and as a dad..etc many reasons

He has a new relationship the last year with a 19 year old girl. I m 32 he is 35. that broke my hurt.I really didnt thought that he could move on as I was very busy with our daughter....but I dont blame him.I personally asked  him to do it because we were apart.

First time I saw him to be happy, take care of his appearance ,he made more money ,bought new clothes new car ...did stuff that we didnt do together even if I asked him a simple coffee or a trip...he finally found time to have fun but when we were together he had no time,always working,always tired.

The last months we came close  and we started to have sex..I asked him  to be together again ...but he said to me that he cant because the other girl is such a nice girl and he doesn't have done anything wrong to hurt her like that. what? This is not an excuse.if he wanted to be with me again and try again for our family he would do it without a second though.

his answer says a lot to me but i still love him.but I do not see the fact that he will brake up  and even if he did I know that he will think about her or if  we ever fight he will run to her.

he says that he doesn't want to stop having sex with me. 

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  • Linda
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    2 months ago

    He is using you for sex because you are offering that to him. He is probably enjoying the extra on the side and is not thinking of long term at all, just sex. I know you love him and I think you're smart enough to know that you are being used. Stop having sex with him and I think it is bad that you're both living in the same house. Your living situation needs to change as soon as you can. Accept it as over although your heart tells you different. You deserve so much better. Believe it and learn to let go and move on.

  • 2 months ago

    You won't get a divorce and the 19 year old will grow up and realise there are better guys out there than this 35 year old who pays for everything (nice) but is still with his ex wife having sex. She will move on. You can't can you. He is getting the best of both worlds. A wife who accepts his girlfriends, sex with younger women, but retaining his married status as man with happy family. If you are happy with this situation - good for you. If you are happy as things stand at the moment then why rock the boat? If you aren't though - and you feel he's making a fool of you and you resent the situation - only YOU can change things.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    He is already doing wrong to his girlfriend. Maybe tell her.

  • 2 months ago

    He wants his pleasure , he wants to get it all

    Stop having sex with him , tell him itis over and go on living seperate lives

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  • 2 months ago

    Yes, you should stop. Get a divorce, get rid of him, move on with your life. And stop posting your questions anonymously.

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