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Embarrassed to have friends and my girlfriend over my house? ?

Any advice? I’m embarrassed for people to come to my house where I live with my parents. My Dad  brought home a Pitbull many years ago and didn’t train it properly, my parents got severely sick and we had a lot of home issues and led to the dog never getting trained, and anytime I try to offer help, attempt to train, or address the situation that our dog is untrained and is in its cage a lot, and that this is a problem, my dad gets really mad at me and gets extremely hostile and there’s nothing I do. I just live here. However, my girlfriend will be coming over for the first time and will be staying with me for a few days and she is a dog lover. I don’t know what to do, I don’t want to make her uncomfortable or to resent coming over again. My parents per say love my dog, but my dad does not take the time or effort to train our dog and then gets irritable when we let him roam the house because he is extremely high energy. He is so strong and independent that I cannot even walk him either. Any suggestions on what I should do? 

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  • TK
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    4 weeks ago

    Get a job and move out. Take the dog with you if you can.

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    That poor dog. Even though he is a pit, he deserves more than just to exist. It is called abuse & cruelty. That is not a way for a dog to live. Makes your dad look like a real A hole. He is in no way a responsible dog owner.

    Do not know what you can do about it. It is your dads house, his dog, his rules & he doesn't want you messing with the dog.

    How does your dad respond to shame? Could be be shamed into getting the dog some training & get it out for some exercise. If he can't exercise the dog, someone should. Walk or run for 20 minutes & turn around & go home three times a day, plus the potty times.

    Is there a yard for the dog?

    Fake a break-in & the only thing missing is the cage for the dog. No dog should be caged, you only need a cage to transport the dog to & from the Vet or to the dog park & back.

    His dog right now is just a dumb dog but with Basic obedience it would be an obedient dog. Training is vital.

    What is the dogs temperament? Is it aggressive or a good dog in that manner?

    I would not be embarrassed, it is not you that is abusing the dog. Tell your girlfriend about this first before she comes over. Maybe she can make your dad feel guilt. What is your dads weak points, work on them.

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    Move out

    If your parents don't want to train their ill bred mutt then tough, not your place to train it or anything.

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    I would not bring your gf to your house. An untrained pit bull is a bomb waiting to go off. Adding a new person into the mix will not be a good idea --a big high energy dog who gets nervous with a new person around--and who is not trained is a disaster waiting to happen. The only other option is to keep the dog caged while she is there and that is cruel to the dog.

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  • PR
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    4 weeks ago

    You don't really say whether this lack of training involves only behavior, or accidents in the house. Prepare your girlfriend and explain the situation. This is nothing you can actually control, but you can control whether your girlfriend stays there, and whether she is prepared for the situation. 

    If the dog is having accidents in the house, then of course, you would have a problem and might not want the girlfriend to be at the house for an extended period of time in that case. If this is behavior of the dog and he is not behaving in a dangerous manner, then tell her. Avoid any issues between you and your father while she is there, because this could affect the relationship with your girlfriend even more than an ill-behaved dog. 

    Just prepare your girlfriend for this and if you feel negative exchanges could occur between you and your Dad while your girlfriend is there, I would rethink this visit. If she really knows dogs, she might even help, but it sounds like Dad is quite sensitive to this, so you and girlfriend should tread lightly.

    I am a little confused, though: You alter between calling this your dog and a dog your father is responsible for. Which one is it? Additionally, why is your girlfriend coming to stay and has never been to your house before? It might help for her to come to your house for a brief visit before this extended stay, if at all possible. But, either way, let her know what is going on. Remember that communication is key to any relationship and she is going to see exactly what is going on anyway. Let her know your discomfort about the dog and Dad's attitude toward it as well. If she a "keeper" she will understand.

    Sounds like the dog needs to go to a training course. 

  • 4 weeks ago

    Get better friends. Or a better house. Or a better dog.

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