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Is this normal? (Death)?

Hello said I’m 17 years old (guy) and I never really had death in my family I’ve been lucky but I’m very attached to my dog as most dog owners are and she’s getting older (12 y/o, black lab) never really had any health scares only one injury due to chasing squirrel a year ago and ran into the fence but anyways I feel like I would never get over her death like if one of my parents died I think it would be much easier to deal with than my dog mostly for the reason like my dog was always nice , she didn’t do anything to deserve dying etc but my main question is will I get over it when the time does come I honestly feel like I’ll feel like sh*t for the rest of my life idk why lol pls answer 

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    It is going to be very hard to deal with. It will leave a hole in your heart & you will go through all the normal grieving process & it can take yrs to really accept it.

    It is a fact that a pets death can be harder to accept than the death of a family member.

    You know the feeling of all the trust & love between you & your dog, you won't ever forget her. But don't let her passing prevent you from ever having that bond with another dog or two or three or more. Your heart has the love to give to another dog. You will not be 'replacing her', you would be opening up for the possibility of another dog that you can form this tight of bond with again.

    I have had 30 or 40 dogs or somewhere near that & some were just dogs & others had more personality or stood out in some way of being special. Some of the dogs it didn't bother me too much to lose cause I gave many their last forever home. They all died being loved to pieces.

    You had a great venture with her, have more great adventures some other dogs.


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    As you have pointed out, the loss of a pet is usually the first time most people experience what it is to lose somebody/something they love. BUT just as with birth, death is a fact of life, coupled with the fact that our dogs simply don't live as long as we do. When it happens, just know that rather than HAVE to allow 'lingering', with our pets we can end that and give them peace. Believe me, you will know when that times comes and for the sake of your dog, find the strength to let go. Yes, immediately it will feel terrible, but with time the rawness will pass and you will know you released your girl from any pain she may well be in by then. It's not a case of 'not deserving to die' - what isn't deserved, is to be lingering.

    I know it's not in your mind at the moment, but by the time your girl has reached the end, your life will have moved on too - the saying as one door shuts, another opens, is absolutely true.

    Enjoy the time you have with her, and try to stop thinking about what will happen when that ends.

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    Yes, it`s normal to feel very worried about losing a beloved dog.

    Its something ALL dog owners that love their dog have to ultimately go through.

    And yes, depending on how close you are , or not, to parents, it can be more traumatic than losing a parent, but its not usually more traumatic than losing a beloved human partner, or spouse, or child.

    Losing a dog to its death is a different feeling than losing a human that is close to you. A dog depends on its owner for everything but a human family mainly depend on each other.

    But no matter whether its a dog or a human close to you that dies, it WILL leave a gaping hole in your life `for a while`. But you WILL get over it eventually believe me. Time is a great healer, and the first hurdle of facing a death is usually the most traumatic.

    I lost my partner who I lived with for 18 years to a car crash and the pain in me was unbearable . It took me 2 years to feel normal again.

    I lost my very beloved `Best dog ever` to cancer when he was old and although it was devastating, it was not anywhere near as painful as when I lost my human partner.

    I also lost another very precious dog to cancer of the spleen when he was only 7 and half years old. THAT was extremely upsetting.

    You are very young and if your dog is the first `death of a loved one` you have experienced it WILL hurt A LOT.

    Sometimes getting another dog helps, as long as you don`t expect it to be just the same as the dog you have lost. Every dog is different in it`s own unique way. But only get one IF and when you feel ready.

    So....I hope my answer helps and remember that nothing lives forever and sadly, dogs lives are very short compared to human lives .

    If your dog is happy and had good life, then he will die a happy dog and you must not allow his death to make you unhappy for very long.

    Life goes on and as you age, you will have to face more deaths and other trauma`s that life may hit you with. ok?

    Source(s): GSD owner for almost 57 years.
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    Special pets that you love will always have a place in your heart for the rest of your life. It does hurt when they go, It's the down-side of having pets. So you just have to focus on the good, and be grateful that you had such a lovely life experience with this beautiful, loving creature. Remember that we are all one and so even when she is physically not there, she is actually a part of you, and you are a part of her <3

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    I shall say this from experience. Im terrified of losing a loved one. It has happened more than three times already. Sadly one of them was a loved pet. You will get over the death and think of your dog as a loved friend more than a dead one. I remeber i thought i would never stop crying but eventually cuts fade and they turn into scars of a sad past. Nothing will stick with you and make you feel like sh*t. Your dog will be a hard one to stop thinking about but love her. Make her life awesome while you still have her. Please always look back at her and think her life was lived to the fullest. You will heal and stop crying and instead of crying you will tell her story! (Sorry this was so long)

  • Unfortunately death is a natural part of human life and something that is in inevitable . It’s going to happen. You won’t know how to deal with it u til you have too, and of course you’ll feel bad but you have to be strong. And that’s life making you stronger into adult, it’s tragrdies like that. You have to enjoy the time you have with you’re dog and people you have in your life because you don’t know when they will go.... and when they do you have to be strong. And not fear death because death is like a long peaceful sleep from toils of life. Enjoy the time you have with your dog and don’t worry too much. Death is something that is a part of life and although painful you have to accept it blind to happen and enjoy the moment. Create beautiful memories you can cherish for the rest of you’re life and treat them well so if they do pass you know you did you’re best Blessings.

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      Not just 'human life' - all life. Sadly some ending sooner than others.

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