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Why is age of Consent in Delaware now 18 when it was 7 mere 100 years ago?


I dont think people changed either socially or biologically in 100 years, only laws changed.

Update 2:

curtisports2 WRONG, it was until 1920s.

Update 3:

curtisports2 Don't try to make it appear as if 7 was not legal age of consent, you are talking bs. "Delaware maintained its age of consent at seven years, having lowered it from 10 in 1871." So frin 1881 - 1889 it was officially legal to **** a 7yo.

"Over the course of American history, the most commonly observed age of consent was 10 years. In 1880, 37 states had an age of consent of 10 years while 10 states kept an age of consent at 12"

Update 4:

It is debatable if 7 is biologically too low, every year thousands of 7yos give birth, youngest mother was 5. But mentally, it probably is too low.

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    Because the state legislature changed it.

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    7 is too low. 18 is too high.

    It’s disgusting that a 17 year old can join the military and potentially die in battle yet can’t bang for another year. Age of consent should never be higher than 17.

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    It was not seven 100 years ago. While the mention of that age remained on the books until 1972, when Delaware reworked its entire criminal code, 1889 law - 130 years ago - made it illegal to use or procure a female under the age of 15 for the purpose of sexual intercourse or to employ a female under 15 in a house of prostitution. 18 Del. Laws 686 (1889) That age was eventually raised to 18.

    When the law lowering the age of consent from 10 to 7, and the only reason that flew was increasing the penalty for sex under the age of consent from life in prison (under 10) to death (under 7), women's right groups immediately began working to get the age of consent raised to 18. Men weren't willing to go that high so a compromise of 15 was reached.

  • Biff
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    Eighteen sounds like an over-correction to an age that was disgustingly too low.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Society's values change over time and from culture to culture. Life expectancy may also play a role.

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