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magnetic field problem?

A 2.6 mm diameter copper wire carries a 40 A current (uniform across its cross section).

A. Determine the magnetic field at the surface of the wire.

B. Determine the magnetic field inside the wire, 0.50 mm below the surface.

C. Determine the magnetic field outside the wire 2.5 mm from the surface.

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  • Vaman
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    1 month ago

    I do not know the method you would like to adopt.

    For radius greater than radius of the wire,

    the magnetic field will be

    b=I/ r I is the current. Please select the unit properly. Inside the wire, you need to do

    b 2pi r= j pi r^2. j is the current density

    j= 40/(pi (1.3/1000)^2. You get

    b=j/2 r. b is 0 at the centre of the wire. Put proper values for inside and outside, you will get the answer.

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