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I have straight Medi-Cal are there any eating disorder clinics that are covered by that insurance? ?

More specifically in Los Angeles, California. I’m still a minor and they want to put me in a clinic for eating disorders but my family isn’t financially stable. We have no money to give. So are there any clinics that are covered by Straight Medi-Cal. 

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    We would have to live in L.A. and be on Medi-Cal to know the answer. Medi-Cal covers some medical weight loss. You can call your case worker and try to find out that way, or look online for Medi-Cal weight loss providers. I dont think they would finance a clinic, perhaps a dietician.

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    https://www.eatingdisordertherapyla.com/gets-treat... says that "the Alliance for Eating Disorder Awareness list of Medicare/Medicaid providers and facilities" has no Medicaid providers or facilities within 50 miles of Los Angeles.

    However, it also says that the following hospitals are covered by it for patients under 25 years old:

    CHLA for patients needing medical stabilization.

    UCLA for patients needing hospitalization for eating disorders.

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