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What year did the Third Dark Ages start?

First: 1177 B.C. (Sea People)

Second: 48 B.C. (Burning down the Library of Alexandria)

Third: ?

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    No "Age" can be exactly dated to one single year. Even when one big event seems to have triggered a change, underlying causes were around before that event, and still carried on after that event, otherwise the changes attributed to that event would not have been nearly so noticeable.

    And many historians now discount altogether the notion of any "age of darkness" in the times after the collapse of the Roman Empire in western Europe. There was much going on in western and central Europe which would qualify as "Early Middle Ages" in those rather undocumented times, and actually the documentation is now known to have been far more extensive than was thought over 100 years ago - much has been discovered in recent times.

    Your teacher should be teaching "real history", not simply a few very disputed dates.

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    The year was 476.

    "on 4 September 476, when Odoacer deposed Romulus Augustulus and proclaimed himself ruler of Italy,"


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    In the third dark age

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    476 AD, German barbarians deposed the Roman Emperor.

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