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Is it possible for me to become one of the fattest humans in the world?

I'm a 31 year old male, 5'8, 285 pounds, low muscle tone, slow metabolism, and severe gynecomastia. I've always had a weight problem my entire life, I've always naturally been a heavy eater, and I have ehlers-danlos syndrome and I don't like to exercise (it makes me feel depressed and miserable). I like to eat very large meals and defecate and lie down afterwards and watch television. Roughly between age 16 and 22, I shocked everyone and began starving myself a little and only ate 1 or 2 relatively normal sized meals a day and I lost a staggering amount of weight in a short amount of time (got down to 138lb at my lowest weight) except I didn't feel right throughout the entire thing and when I would go back to my old ways I'd start gaining the weight back and become panicked and start eating only 1 meal a day for awhile until it came off. Around the beginning of this decade I became tired of that type of lifestyle. Because of a combination of my physical conditions, having mental illness and having to take anti-psychotics and mood-stabilizing drugs, and just giving in to my inner-gluttonous self, I have gained a total of approximately 155 pounds since 2011. I gained the most weight during the beginning phase from the end of 2011 through the end of 2012 when I went from 145 pounds to around 230lb in under a year.


In the beginning of 2015 at around 240lb, I got arrested and went to county jail and somehow got down to 206 pounds (my lowest weight since 2011) but I was up to around 270lb by the time they got me back on the anti-psychotic medication and I got released from state prison at the end of 2016. My highest weight was 308 pounds in the beginning of 2018 when I finished my parole term, then I lost some weight over the summer and got down to 260lb but went back up to around 280lb by the end of 2018.

Update 2:

I am not interested in weight loss surgery and my endocrinologist prescribed me this injectable medication called Victoza / Saxenda to reduce my appetite but I don't like the way it makes me feel (it makes me feel nauseous) and I don't use it often.

Update 3:

So I've fluctuated a little bit since I started gaining weight and I'm currently not at my highest weight but if I keep following this pattern and keep gradually gaining weight while fluctuating will I eventually reach over one thousand pounds and become like Manuel Uribe? Or is the weight set-point theory real and will I eventually no longer be able to lose weight.

Update 4:

290 pounds for me is almost like a set-point because I have only gotten over that once in the beginning of 2018 and once I start getting close to 290, I perspire like crazy, have chronic diarrhea, and a slightly reduced appetite.

Update 5:

Eat Drink Smoke Sleep Repeat : Thank you for your very enlightening answer. I learned so much from it. Not!

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    This is a lot for anyone here to process. Please get yourself some help.

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    If your whole body is proportionately fat as your man boobs it is probably a fat issue then you have to exercise, but if it is not it is probably Gynecomastia, which is a common condition for some guys, Nothing to worry (But Before coming in to a conclusion that it is Gynecomastia please see a surgeon and remove your doubts)

    The best treatment for Gynecomastia is a simple surgery, you can come home the same day. My friend has done it, He became a very confident Guy from a very depressed one after the surgery. If you need more money to do the surgery start saving from today or borrow and pay installments or tell your parents how depressed you are and get some money, But do the surgery

    So don't go through the mental pain again and again, find a solution to this simple problem even if it may take some time

    Best of Luck!

    PS: Please see this search link to know the difference

  • 5'8" at 285?

    A 5'8" man should be at 170 lbs.

    You need to lose 115 lbs.

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