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(for non k-pop fans) why do you not like kpop (please be respectful?

please don't say anything racist. i'm genuinely curious. not trying to shove it down anyone's throat but this is an actual question

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    I liked Kpop wayyyy before it became popular. I've been knowing, for example BTS wayyyy before they were even popular. BTS was lame back than. So honestly, I was soo surpised when I saw BTS suddenly becoming famous, especially in America. I really want to say it's the language honestly, because it's not in my language it's not that appealing anymore to me. I used to watch Youtuber singing English versions of the popular Kpop songs that made me easier or more like help me still like Kpop. But gradually I stopped caring because of the hype really. 

  • Andrew
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    4 weeks ago

    I've been living and working in South Korea for many years and I'm a permanent resident of this country, so I've had much more exposure to K-Pop than most people who aren't Korean can say that they've had. 

    You ask why I dislike it, and I answer with: "Because it isn't music - it's just packaged bunk." 

    K-Pop songs are not written by the artists - they are written by professional songwriters who are contracted by the entertainment company that's releasing them. K-Pop stars are professional singers and dancers who have gone through the training regimen of whichever company they work for. They're conditioned to sing and dance according to a certain standard, they have zero wiggle room to develop any sense of style. Their image is carefully selected for them. Their role in the group is determined by management and they are expected to fulfill that role without deviating from it according to the whims of their management. 

    There's no sense of style, no creativity, no individuality in K-Pop at all. 

    The look and the sound of each K-Pop group was carefully put together by a bunch of marketing people in a board room sitting around a conference table. There's nothing even remotely energetic or spontaneous or quirky about K-Pop. Everything that happens is scripted, each of the idols is hand-picked and placed in a certain position. It's just so incredibly devoid of any sense of heart and soul that its just intolerable. 

    And K-Pop is essentially just a blend of several of the awful styles of music that were around before it came into existence. K-Pop borrows very, very heavily from Western popular music. Most of the songs are sculpted according to a predictable formula and executed according to a particular schematic, so there's really nothing to separate one act from another. 

    All of the idols - male and female alike, are just plastic. They're dolled up in silly outfits that are made to look chic or sexy, one might be known as "the rapper" and decked out in gold chains and track suits and a baseball cap while other members might be presented to form a different image. 

    Their songs are built around the vocal line, and the vocal line cant be too complicated for them to perform their silly dance movements while they're singing, so usually the vocal line is simple and steady and there are hardly any parts of the song that don't contain vocals, which is really annoying for people who listen to music to actually hear music, and not a chorus of auto-tuned voices singing about something sappy. 

    And those dance moves - that isn't dancing. 99% of what they're doing is moving their arms and legs from side to side and they throw in a few head wobbles and rub themselves and spin around. It's just choreographed to death and that fluidity they strive for makes them look like robots. Who would want to listen to robots singing? Who would be interested in watching robots dance? Apparently K-Pop fans. 

    There's absolutely nothing redeeming about K-Pop at all. It's talentless, repetitive, shallow, superficial, vapid, vacuous garbage made by companies that don't have any idea what real music ought to sound like designed to appeal to idiots who are completely fixated on the fake image of perfection the idols are supposed to represent. Their makeup and hair and outfits are carefully chosen and they never get a hair out of place or a bead of sweat on their brows because that would ruin the show. 

    K-Pop hasn't changed or evolved, developed or progressed in 20 years. Sure, recording techniques have changed. The world has moved on, so the artists can get away with stuff now that would have been completely unheard of back in the 1990s, but essentially, it's the same bilge it's always been, just with sleeker, fancier packaging. 

    Here's the greatest argument for why K-Pop is awful: Sit down with a K-Pop fan and ask that person one question: "Other than K-Pop, what other kinds of music do you like?" It's always the same answer: "None." 

    K-Pop fans are just obsessed with listening to their awful rot. They don't give anything else a chance. They don't listen to anything where people are playing actual instruments, they don't listen to anything that wasn't made according to a mould, and they're not interested in hearing anything that might sound different from the tripe they're used to hearing. 

    There are few genres of music that are as totally and completely worthless as K-Pop. Another sign: Everybody's got to grow up sometime. If you meet someone over 20 years old who's obsessed with K-Pop, follows the personal lives of the idols, and obsesses over the nonsense it entails, they're a weirdo who's awkward, socially retarded and they don't have a friend in the world. 

    There's only one difference between K-Pop and used toilet tissue: The used toilet tissue was actually useful for a minute. 

    • MOUTAZ マター
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      you know dear andrew we need to forget our stresses with some easy music and to dive deep inside the world of dance music and k-pop is the best way. sorry for my not good english i'm tryng to explain why i like k-pop.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    @Bryanna, let's turn this around for a minute. Why do you like it? I have my reasons for not liking it, just as you have reasons for apparently liking it. What difference does it make unless you're choosing which music I listen to.

    • bryanna4 weeks agoReport

      personally for me it's just how not everything sounds the same for them like it does in america. also their music videos & concepts and like it sounds lowkey vv cheesy but it's cool to me how something u don't understand (unless you get translations) can connect a lot of people.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Their natural janitor faces just like the rest of Asian population.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    who/what is K-pop?

    • bryanna4 weeks agoReport

      korean pop music (groups such as bts,blackpink,exo etc,etc)

  • 4 weeks ago

    Which do you prefer? Beethoven or Mozart?

    Glenn Miller or Kay Kaiser?

    Beatles or The Who?

    Jean Michal Jarre or Vangelis?

    I don't dislike K pop, I just have no opinion on it

  • 4 weeks ago

    stop spamming your fancams. yall also be on that toxic ****

    • bryanna4 weeks agoReport

      i do apologize on those behalf's. i understand its annoying and trust me i get annoyed by it to sometimes. but please don;t group us like that most of us could be really cool.

  • 4 weeks ago

    To me, k-pop reminds me of pop from my own country with the only difference being that I don't understand the lyrics. Thus, I don't have a good reason to listen to it. I don't hate it though.

  • 4 weeks ago

    I dislike the fanbase.

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