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What are hydrolyzed oats?

I saw on the new trader joe's oat milk the ingredient was hydrolyzed oats, does that have anything to do with hydrogenated oil and trans fats? Why didn't they just use oats? 

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    You need to back up a few steps to understand how the oats have been processed. "Hydrolyzed" is an adjective describing something that has undergone the chemical reaction of hydrolysis:

    This chemical reaction is taken advantage of for all kinds of reasons. In this case it means that the oats have been broken down via hydrolysis, kind of like partially pre-digested, so it's more easily absorbed. Putting grains through hydrolysis involves using water and a weal acid. The result unbinds the proteins making sure that all of it is available to the body, there is no connection with trans fats. These kinds of grain proteins are also used in hair care products too.

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