Could Man Utd get relegated again?

because their results are very poor

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    it would be the end of the premier league if a club like Manchester United drop out of the top flight - hate to admit that, and I know I'll piss off a lot of football supporters who don't like them ( or us for that matter ) but Englands Top Flight, simply would never be the same if either we or Manchester United were not competing in it.

    I know it would be a blip and we'd be off the radar for one season, but that season would be mocked as 'the season that didn't matter' ( cos Liverpool / United were not in it )


    again that would ruffle the feathers of City and Chelsea fans but its the truth. We're that big and majestic as clubs, our history and legacy speaks for itself really. Also add Arsenal to this list, Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester United should always be in the Premier League.

    I want to see all three clubs being competitive and winning big trophies and setting the benchmark for their rivals to follow and copy.

    United did it for an eternity and a French Genius came and woke up another giant, Arsenal. Then Arsenal started 'mixing it up' with Man United, which for me was one of the best rivalries in Premier League Era.

    The natural rivarlies are ironicaly healthy for us. If Liverpool win the premier league it will or it should re-ignite the 'desire' and 'hunger' amongst United players to 'respond'.

    Arsenal under Unai Emery are slowly improving and have a good base to keep building on. Spurs imo will come back and are going through a temporary transition phase in terms of form. Chelsea under Lampard will definitely be a force in the near future, just look at how talented the youth they have are.

    Manchester United will not get relegated as they have players who are not relegation fodder, their squad is too strong for relegation - but stranger things have happened in the league before, if it does happen that they some how end up going down - it would be the biggest surprise and shock in Premier League History.

    Expect millions of Manchester United fans world wide to make youtube videos in tears ( literally )


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