Kindle fire hdx 8.9 colorfull lines?

So, if you saw my other questions on this you'll know what's happening. My kindle fire hdx 8.9 died a while ago , so i took it apart, and put the motherboard in the oven. After putting it back together i got it to turn on, but now it's just showing more colorful lines. So i took a few photos. Every once in a while the screen goes blank, with the backlight still on (like it's restarting). And the lines are always changing. Sometimes it's on half the screen. But other that it kind of works. The sound still works, and by randomly touching the screen i got a game to play. Could it just be a bad screen? Or is there something more serious that's wrong here. Plus, if it's a bad screen, why would it refuse to even turn on before, and why would it be constantly restarting??? My other questions were "did i just kill my tablet?" and "what happens when a cpu fails vs a gpu?"

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  • 4 months ago

    Most likely you did not connect the ribbon cable for the screen correctly, or you broke the cable or contacts. If the CPU was dead, it would not boot at all. If the GPU had failed, Android would likely not load and you would not be able to launch any programs.

    • Ryker4 months agoReport

      It started doing this before i took it apart.

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  • Lv 7
    4 months ago

    faulty wiring.

    under warranty? turn it in.

    else, time for a new one...

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