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Children suffocated hiding inside refrigerator because they couldn't get out. How come they can't get out? Is this an urban legend?

As far as I remember, all the fridge I've used since a kid should be easily opened even from the inside. How come some kids were stuck inside and died?

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    4 weeks ago

    they were locked in.

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    Years ago there were refrigerators that had latches on them that once you close them you could not open it from the inside. All of the modern refrigerators have magnetic doors that can be easily opened even from the inside. but I can still see the possibility of a little kid that gets inside the refrigerator and closes the door getting panicked and scared and not having the sense to just push on the door!

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      Even with magnetic doors a very small child might not be able to open such as frig if the magnetic seal is too strong.

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    Older models of fridges could only be opened from the outside.

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