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Even if Trump is right about his policies and you want his policies, why can't Trump just obey the rules of our country?

For instance, ok, you are against illegal immigration. I do not blame you for it, and even see some merit in your position. You are not necessarily a racist or a hater for being against it. But would you be ok with Trump awarding himself a government contract at his property to host the G7? That is the part I do not understand. If you are not a bad person for being against illegal immigration why do you support something as obviously corrupt as Trump self dealing himself profits from being President?

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    Pathetically stupid Trump supporters just say it's fake media news which is how they justify all of Trumps lies and corruption.

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    First - let's deal with PROOF and FACTS about Trump. Thus far all we have seen is whining, innuendo adn sour grapes because Over-The-Hillary managed to lose the election so efficiently and effectively (even after all the PROVEN manipulation of the system to her favor).

    Next - WHAT makes anyone think that had 2016 gone the other way that "her majesty" would not be corruptly lining her own nest and turning HUGE ill-gotten profits ?? Ever heard of The Clinton Fountation? Pay to Play much?

    Personally totally and utterly sick of BOTH parties and nearly EVERY Politician. Most are mere common citizens like us, and they run for office to "help us" and within a year or so they are gaming the system, turning un-natural profits and building enormous and unrealistic wealth for... yup... themselves. All under the guise of representing "us." Term limits are needed... or maybe, just maybe... the Founders had it right: when the government no longer works "for The People" it is in their best interest to tear it all down and move it a little bit farther west.

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    You have exactly ZERO evidence he has broken ANY law.

    In fact, MOST of what you are complaining about is ENFORCING laws that have been ignored for DECADES.

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    because he is the certified genius of @ssholes.

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  • 1 month ago

    He has gotten away with it this long, he's melting down because he's finally experiencing consequences. And impeachment is a HUGE consequence.

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    Trump is hosting the conference at cost. Don't forget he is only accepting $1 a year as his salary as President.

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      Barkley..enough is enough. You can explain away 1000 deviations from norm by Trump and the appearanc of impropriety & of course explain that Trump is just misunderstood, but at which point do you just wake up & just admit the truth? The American way is to avoid the appearance of impropriety.

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    This is the point I often make to my conservative friends who like the fact that Trump is anti-establishment. You can be anti-establishment without being an ignorant, narcissistic sociopath.

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    Because why do you care? Is his slight increase of income ruining your life? no its not. Cry about it so i can lick your salty tears from your face and laugh

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      ok, I will put you down for being ok with corruption as long as its your guy giving you the things you want who is doing the corruption.

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