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Why no ace chemicals in joker movie?

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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    They wanted the reasoning behind his origin story to be more sensical... then guy has one bad day, gets disfigured, and decides to be a super villain. Personally, I think they should have included some aspect of him having knowledge of chemistry, or some aptitude for it, considering the Joker has often used such things in his schemes. There are those who have thought a good origin story for the criminal mastermind would be a war veteran, even his mental hang-ups could be made to have some sense - while not giving him "brain damage" but show him to be a guy who is messed up in his head due to such experiences, and this would also provide some reasoning behind how he is so interested in tactics, plans...etc... it shows a more equipped Joker.

    Though Joaquin's Joker didn't reveal him to be very equipped, and he's quite aged to try to figure that all out, and he seems somewhat mentally inept, considering he couldn't rise above the employment level of an entertainment clown, sign holder...etc.. But I do keep in mind that perhaps the best way of taking Joaquin's Joker's story is not literal, but a deceptive narrative, considering the director said that the Joker is an unreliable narrator and this telling of the story is based on what he was telling the psychiatrist at Arkham (I would assume) at the end of the movie.

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