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Boyfriend has short temper, only plays video games all day. Idk if I like him anymore... what should I do?

(I am here to get other peoples opinions because I'm not sure if this is normal in a relationship)

   Me & my boyfriend have been together since I was 14. I am 18 now & he is 19. At first we talked a lot, he was sweet & attentive. The year after we started dating, he started lying to me to go see his friends (idk why because I had no problem with him going out with his friends) He'd tell me he'd be watching his sister but then someone would tell me they were out partying.  I'd get mad about the lying, which eventually stopped after he realized I'd find out

Once he got his ps4 when he was 16, that's all he payed attention to. He wouldn't text me for hours. I didn't care at first because it was new to him & he wanted to play it. But fast forward 3 years later, he still only plays video games ALL day. He doesn't have any plans for school or his future because he says school isn't for him. He planned to go to the military ONLY because he wanted the benefits, but then backed out once he realized what he was actually doing. he has no job & quit his last 2 jobs because 1) his friends quit so he did too and 2) an old lady couldn't hear him talking so he got mad and quit.

 I thought this all was a phase he was going through & maybe he'd get his life together but I've been patient and he still hasn't changed. I love him and all but I don't think I'm IN love. I feel like If I leave, I wasted 4 years of my life being with him. (ps I'm not trying to seem perfect, just telling my side)

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    I dont think there is nothing wrong with the video games..maybe he is down on himself and video games help him with that. I just dont agree with the lying you said he does. Anyways, with the video games i believe it just helps cope with himself. Just how people use exercise to help themselves, people now use video games. Now, when it comes to his job, you should talk to him. Especially if hes not doing school. I'm the same way right now except i have a job and im waiting for my college semester to start this January. Talk to him..thats the most important part.  

  • 1 month ago

    You didn’t waste your time being with him, it’s ok to say you want someone better. Just tell him how feel and that you’re willing to help him get back on some kind of track and if he still doesn’t do anything or even talk about it then you should move on and become a greater person for it.

  • nanu
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    1 month ago

    dump him and move on.................

  • Robin
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    1 month ago

    dump him NOW ...............................

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  • Steve
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    1 month ago

    Get rid of him. He’s wasting his life. Don’t let him waste yours


    Look forward, not back.

  • ioerr
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    1 month ago

    he sounds like an idiot. i'd say dump him.

    idiots like that are dime a dozen

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