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How can I understand Geometry and not just memorize the stuff?

What do you recommend? I’ve tried videos and internet resources, but they aren’t that helpful and Khan’s voice makes me fall asleep, no offense. I just want to feel that feeling that you get when you actually understand it and not just memorizing it

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    Get last years test and test yourself to know how well

    You know the topic thanks, you might know them very

    Well yet perhaps are not giving yourself the credit

    You might rightfully deserve thanks?


    Very Best Wishes


    Source:) Rough guess

  • 1 month ago

    I’m taking a Geometry class, and the easiest way for me to both memorize and understand theorems, postulates, definitions, & corollaries are with visuals. I have found that when I solely repeat words to study, I struggle with the application aspect in proofs.

    For example, when memorizing a theorem, I draw the diagram described or search for examples that pertain to it. This usually helps me to understand when to use it. Good luck!

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