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She is avoiding to answer even though i am not interested in her ?

I need this question answered. 

Why do some girls think that when i am texting them, they think that i am automatically interested in them (want to date them) ? 

I know this girl for a while, we used to chat before but all the sudden she avoids to answer something as simple as "How is everything at home" since we are not in the same city.

Should i let her know that i am not really into her ? 

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    get use to it...  wait till she flirts with you, and then you say something back to her.. she'll run..      women don't rape.. only men rape..    women want to touch, but don't touch back...  having it on video tells the truth...  video tells the truth..  I video a woman, claim she likes me, recently..  good thing I did,, she's a phony...  ONE MORE, I do not trust..   the eyes don't lie..

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    Why do you think that she thinks that way because she isn’t answering your texts? You aren’t a priority to her. That’s why she doesn’t text you often

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    No, do not tell her that you are not interested in her. That is a socially awkward thing to say. Better to just stop texting her.

    She is avoiding answering because she doesn't want to text you anymore, but she doesn't want to outright say that and risk hurting your feelings.

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