When a swimwear model is having a photo shoot for a bikini are they spray tanned?

I have a picture of a swimwear model on my phone and her skin is orange or is it just the filtering the photographer has done after the photo has been shot and the model is brown proper tanned plus there is sun shining on her I will put the link below I won't post the image and she has multiple other images promoting the bikini


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  • Frank
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    4 weeks ago
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    It could have been spray-on tan. But the photo looks like it was a combination of a real tan (not spray on) along with the warm light from the Sun during the golden our that this image was made.  Shooting  during the golden hour, which is an hour before/after sunrise or sunset, creates this very nice warm light.  Some may call it orange.  I think the combination of her tan and the warm tone of the light created the color of her skin in the shot.

    You can see the color shift in the sand in the background.  It's not white, but instead it's a warm color proving that the ambient light from the Sun was at a low color temperature.  Low color temps = red/orange while high color temps (in kelvin) are blue.

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