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Really sick of my new neighborhood ?

My husband and I moved into a new townhome neighborhood 6 months ago. We both hate it. Everyone is up everyone’s behind. It’s almost all retirees and they worry about the most crazy things. They actually gossip about when the man down the street comes/goes from his home. 

I had major spinal surgery 3 weeks ago and I’m now out of work recovering until January. I’ve been basically cooped up in this house. I had a neighbor come to my door and offer me food because she heard I wasn’t working and said “why don’t we go on welfare.” Apparently, I’ve been the “talk” of the neighborhood and many neighbors have been approaching my husband asking if I was fired/why I wasn’t working. It’s honestly nobodies business and I’m starting to get very irritated. Does anyone have any suggestions on living in a neighborhood with a bunch of old nosey neighbors? 

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    😄 Been there.

    We got left alone because our demeanor isn't exactly welcoming to outsiders.

    However, it's just talk, madame. It's one of the prices we pay for living in a small town where everyone else knows everyone.

    So... I'd suggest being rude. As long as they're not gunning to get you kicked out of the neighborhood, do what you want.

    I've been in those retiree Christian areas. 😄 I just laughed. As long as we minded our own business, everyone else did too.

    And the welfare neighbor is just looking out for you. I would have suggested the same. Even though it WAS rude of her to say, she meant well.

    The only time I really got to converse with my neighbors is when we held garage sales. And they were pretty informative and helpful. It was therapeutic to vent about our own troubles. And they'd fill us in on theirs.

    So, despite us being private people like you... their nosiness comes in handy.

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    I see this with people all of the time and it may not seam this way at first but you simply dont need to speak to or acknowledge what they do or say you can tell them anything you want, lie to them, dont talk to them at all, or my favorite and the easiest thing you can do is pretend they dont exist. They are just dumb people whos oppinions and feelings dont matter. Dont answer your door when they come around

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    Burn it down. Burn it to the ground and start a new one.

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    Why? Are n-ggers moving in?

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    Sure. Smile A LOT and take the high road. Don't let them bother you or get to you.

    When confronted with nosy questions from old bitties... just SMILE and say, "I'm sorry, we prefer to keep our private lives PRIVATE."

    When told - "Well I heard...." Simply SMILE and say "Well that is the problem with GOSSIPS - they are ill informed and make erroneous assumptions to fill in the gaps where FACTS escape them." Then repeat that you keep your priviate lives private.

    Finally remember you will NEVER get them all to stop wagging their tounges. It is a bad habit they have developed and it helps them fill their long days with "excitement." Better to just turn a deaf ear their way and CHOOSE not to let what they WILL say about you or about anyone else.

    Good luck - your choice otherwise is to move.

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    "It’s almost all retirees " - You should have been aware of this when you were looking for a new home.

    " I had a neighbor come to my door and offer me food" - Sounds like a wonderful neighbor to me.

    "many neighbors have been approaching my husband asking if I was fired/why I wasn’t working" - This is how people get to know others. You are not when your husband when they see him so it is common for someone to ask where is your wife or how is she doing. This is called being friendly. Of course they shouldn't say "was she fired" but, I'd say this is out of general concern, not gossip.

    Melouofs has good suggestions. Start being a little friendly and get to know them.

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    That's rough, especially when you don't like being neighborly. They gossip because they have nothing real demanding their attention, and so you're it. Rather than get upset, is there a way you can turn it around to your advantage? Can you get someone of these folks to take pity on you and help you out? Help you with meals and upkeep of the house? You both might like some company during the day?

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