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Is there a specific way how verbs are conjugated in French?

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    4 weeks ago
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    There are three regular patterns and many irregular ones. Most of the irregular ones though do have many things in common.

    Many verbs ending in -er, -re, and -ir are regular. Some of them, though, are irregular. All verbs ending in -oir are irregular.

    A few tenses are always formed in a regular way though (but possibly from a root that itself is irregular).

    French verbs are conjugated for person, number, tense, mood, sometimes aspect, and sometimes to match the gender and number of the subject or a direct object (many rules apply).

    Some of those conjugations are only needed for literary tenses.

    French verbs also use one of two possible helping verbs to form compound tenses. Those helping verbs themselves are conjugated.

    It is not possible to detail even just the regular conjugations, even just for the spoken tenses, in this answer.

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    Yes, that's why you need a grammar book.

    It would take for ever to pick it all up just by listening.

  • Anonymous
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    "Is there a specific way [no "how"] verbs are conjugated in French?" Yes.

  • Lôn
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    1 month ago

    Yes, -er verbs are conjugated differently from -ir verbs.

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    Yep many futures and pasts ways and versions depending on when the thing happened

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    It's called a emphasis

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