what is the difference between Doner & Gyros sandwiches?

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  • Anonymous
    2 weeks ago

    National origin.  Where I live, there's a business named "Doner Shack" and they were giving away free samples one day, so I stopped to try and asked them what a doner was.  The story was rather interesting.

    The idea is that there's a reason food from that area is called "Mediterranean cuisine", as each country in and around that area have their own version of very similar dishes.  That's why you can find a gyros like sandwich at Greek restaurants, Lebanese restaurants, Egyptian restaurants, etc. and they all have their own variation of rice stuffed grape leaves, and even honey lemon donuts.

    So the shaved lamb sandwich with tahini dressing in Greece is the gyros.  I was told that the doner is the Turkish version of this sandwich, but it's called "doner" because it was brought to Turkey from other parts of the Mediterranean by Germans who named it doner.

    So fundamentally, the gyros and the doner are the same sandwich: shaved lamb served in a pita with tahini dressing and fresh vegetables; usually onions and tomato (but not always.)  But it's the seasoning on the lamb where you taste the difference between the gyros and the doner - the doner definitely having Turkish spices not present in the Greek sandwich.

    I never bothered to check with Wikipedia if the story I was told was true or not.  So I'm just repeating what the doner guys told me.  But it makes sense.  Doner is a German word and the spices on the lamb definitely taste Turkish.  But the sandwich itself looks like a gyros.

    Given all that, I was able to watch DDD with a more critical eye - especially when he visited Greek, Lebanese and Egyptian food joints.  The crux of the story I was told seems to hold water, so now I try to see what other cuisines can be lumped into Mediterranean food, and see them as "variations on a theme" rather than a cuisine of a single country.

  • denise
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    1 month ago

    Doner's are usually served in a pitta bread.

    Gyros are rolled into a large flat bread, like a big wrap.

  • 1 month ago

    Gyro has chips inside.

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    1 month ago

    gyros are meatless...vegetable meat filling and doner or kabobs are actual chunks of meat

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