If prophet muhammad was a liar, why did he live such a modest and humble life?

i am not religious because of many reasons like lack of proof of the existence of god, and questionable/cruel religious procedures/ethics, etc etc

But one thing i always think about is the lack of extravagance in prophet muhammad's life. If islam was truly a lie, and muhammad was a liar, then it is only logical to assume that muhammad lied for monetary gain, or some other huge benefit for him. But there is proof that he used to only eat like once a day, and forced himself and his wife to live in poverty, in a very small house that we can still see today. Some even say he strapped a rock to his stomach to better control his hunger. There is proof he used to be so trustworthy, that even his enemies used to bank their money in his care. So how can he willingly be evil or a liar if the only thing he'll get out of it is suffering and malnutrition? If you ignore the wars he's led, and just focus on his daily life as a person, he seems like a very very nice and humble guy.


like i said, i dont condone islam's ethics. i don't own slaves, i don't cut babies' penises, i don't throw stones at gay people, and i don't marry 6 year olds.

my question isnt about ethics, it's about why he willingly lived in poverty. because i know i wouldn't live in poverty. not willingly.

Update 2:

so far not a single answer satisfies the question at hand. you all just insult muhammad and his countless minor wives and slaves, which is something i already know. i never said that was ok.

but please answer the question i asked. i dont care if he had all the women in the world - he didnt have all the food in the world. and i dont know about you, but i'd rather live a virgin than live a skeletal husk with -1% body fat.

Update 3:

choko_canyon just gave a great answer. i'd pick it as best if i could but i just made this account as a throwaway.

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  • Otto
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    1 month ago

    The leaders of churches are also liars. Why did they have such a good life ?

    Source(s): Bible
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  • 1 month ago

    Cult leaders don't typically desire money, they desire followers. If you can get followers by behaving selflessly (like Mohammed and Jesus are said to have behaved), why not do it?

    • abd1 month agoReport

      liked your comment because it's the first one that ACTUALLY answers my question. you make a really good point.

  • 1 month ago

    Muhammad wasn't a "liar". He just didn't know any better and like all the other highly ignorant people in his time, attributed many things of chance to divine superstition.

    About being modest, there isn't enough information to make that conclusion. Muhammad was embroiled in massive territorial campaigns that consumed all of his short but successful military career. There was just not enough time for him to enjoy the spoils of his wars.

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  • 1 month ago

    wasn.t ...... he... a wrestler... black guy

    • abd1 month agoReport

      ah yes, prophet mohammad ali. no wonder he dominated in the ring, with god on his side and all. lmao

  • 1 month ago

    . . . unless you were one of his posse,

    but had an attractive wife.

    Something he had in common

    with the Old Testament's David.

  • The second you can show me objective proof that a man can fly to the Moon on a Pegasus and cut the Moon in half with a sword, then I'll admit that ol'Mo wasn't a heinous liar.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    You consider having a 9 year old "wife" to be "modest and humble"? You're sick.

    • jpopelish
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      1 month agoReport

      Why do you assume
      that excellent food
      motivated him more than sex?

  • 1 month ago

    modest and humble?

    he RAPED hundreds of woman and young girls!

    he had more sex than 99% of men ever have - and all of it was forced upon captured slaves.

    there is nothing modest and humble about that.

    • abd1 month agoReport

      That is part of what i mentioned as ''questionable/cruel religious procedures/ethics", specifically Owning slaves, and having sex with slaves/prisoners of war.
      that of course is terrible and is one of the main reasons im not religious

      but what im asking about today is why he lived in famine.

  • 1 month ago

    Yeah, and he liked dogs, gave generously to the Red Crescent, and coached the mosque's youth soccer team.

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