How do you know if your shyness is perceived as arrogance?

I’d find it a compliment if people thought my shyness was arrogance rather than a weirdo who never speaks.

So what are the signs? What makes you think a shy person is arrogant? How would you a treat a person you thought was arrogant?

All I can say is I feel people don’t like me when I’ve done nothing wrong. I feel like they are projecting a nasty personality onto me when a I haven’t said anything.

No one encourages me or is nice as if they don’t realise how painfully shy I am, but they seem to take my shyness personally. It makes them feel bad about themselves.

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  • Sandy
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    4 weeks ago
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    at the bare minimum, you MUST look people in the eyes and nod, smile or say hello in acknowledgement (of their existence). that is just being nice and it makes you approachable. When you don't look at people, you are perceived to ignore everybody because you are better than they are. once they think that about you, you're toast!

    • Ashley T4 weeks agoReport

      Good advice. Sometimes my anxiety is so strong I can’t smile

  • 4 weeks ago

    If the people around you respond to reservation as arrogance then you should feel better than them. That's a comically juvenile misinterpretation. If they've made it passed age 15 and not known someone who was like that and learned to know better then they are in fact low in every way and you are in fact higher in every way.

    Train your minions. The power is in perception and you are the one who is wrong and weak here because you let them make you choose to be.

    • Ashley T4 weeks agoReport

      Interesting answer but don’t quite understand what you mean

  • 4 weeks ago

    Quiet person: Keeps to them self.

    Loud person: I want that quiet persons attention otherwise they're arrogant.

    Logic of a stupid loud person.

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